Arriving at a name

About three years ago I put up a website as a way to get in touch.  Commonly I would be talking with people and they would express some level of interest in what I do.  Additionally,  I would change my focus from time to time,  say,  from print to audio,  marketing,  etc.

I wanted a spot were people could reach me.  Invariably I am caught without business cards,  and I just tell them to connect through my site.  It was   I have taken it down because its very close to a Pastors site.  The odd thing is he goes by Gordon,  yet his URL is almost the same less the L.

There was just no point in going forward.  So product regeneration had to take place.   Can we have some fun with it now?

“New for 2019,  –  one stop for media,  sales,  and marketing. Tell your friends!”