Ever forget your password?

It is surprising that terrorists for instance haven’t caught on to the pain and terror caused by a forgotten password. A couple of days ago, Facebook informed me that I changed my password four months ago.

Really? I guess Facebook knows best.

So, I change the password, and update all things that I put it in for safekeeping. Especially that password program that keeps me from having to remember in the first place. I do remember the password to that one. Problem is it remembers all the passwords that I use, for instance on Facebook. Unless I clear them out, I am logging in like I was two years ago. In a hurry its easier to do than you think. Who isn’t in a hurry when it comes to on line activities?

After wading through 60 emails about nothing that seem to collect in the inbox, you just want to get on with it. You will fix the password manager later. Then you end up with maybe a dozen logins for the same site. Which is the real one and why does the password manager try to stuff the wrong one all the time?

I am getting tired frankly of all the sites that offer to change my password if I can identify 32 pictures of cars or fire hydrants. Not a requirement in my opinion. But I differ. I just differ. Like many people my attention span has been tweaked down to Nano seconds.

If your advertising, marketing, or promoting, have you ever wondered why call to action laden pieces just do not penetrate any longer?