Paradigms Shifting Rapidly

The earth used to be flat and we would fall off the edge if we went too far. Now of course we know it triangular so hostile Aliens bounce off of us!  Let the heated discussion digress from there….

One of the things I wanted well over a decade ago was on online/offline editor for my website so I can concentrate on articles of interest,  well,  interesting to me,  so I am inspired to create.

It happened some time ago. First the platform I use WordPress helped me concentrate less on the coding and more on the content itself.  I enjoyed cutting and pasting code though,  and had a site that was just crazy.  No plan involved at all,  and what I did was cobble together odd bits of code and images.  I wrote filler copy to go from one thing to another.  It would defy SEO for sure.  I do think that SEO has its own issues.  Prince Edward Island gets lumped into certain catagories and not neccesarily how people would think to look them up, for instance.  Its all about the algorythms and ranking of search engines.

Not so here.  As I state elsewhere,  this is just a portal to get in touch with me for whatever reason.  Google, Alexa,  or whatever does not matter.  In short there is no message or theme.  I tried that,  and people had quite the read.  Comments came back to testify to that.  Some wanted to know what I was on,  before it was legal.  Some congradulated me for stringing together odd bits,  seemingly and making a story line out of it.

The Paradigm shifted for me with the popularity of SEO.   Fresh content for a while was about upping the rank of the website,  or deeping the depth of the reciprocal links.  So on.

Now I tend to think that its like being first in line for Ice Cream on a hot summer day.  Imagine the line up to be 50 people,  and the family is sitting up the hill in the beating Sun.   Your sure to get some on you despite it all. What an impression you make on person number 35 onwards in the line up as you walk past them.

I have always wanted to be cool with the technology,  and probably have spilled more Ice Cream in the hot sun than many.

I now believe that the Paradigm will shift.  Parts of anyone’s website even creative one’s like I had years ago,  spent hours on,  coded myself. I believe at some point it will be dated and outlive its original purpose.  SEO for that matter will change,  and the line up waiting to get at Ice Cream,  or whatever crowd you attract will shift elsewhere.

The first and formost thing people should ask themselves when starting a website,  a blog, a newsletter,  is:  After the Paradigm shifts,  can this be reborn?   Things change.  Who knows maybe the audience (they call them web hits these days or something) will find you.

How to go retro!