The VPN is falling the VPN is falling!

Lately I have been doing less on the website.  Business keeps me rolling along sure,  but in addition updates have been slow due to TV.   Yes,  another excuse!

I have been playing around with an Android device this started around Christmas when I got it,  and continues.  Android is easy to understand.  The challenge is the devices are too simple,  and they are closed architecture.  Modifications are not easy to do,  if you can.  Its more than ‘voiding the warranty’  its access.  Especially if you try to do everything with the simple remote that comes with it.  It forces the user to do a lot of surfing on this pop up keyboard.  Frustrating when you misspell a URL.

This will probably end up being a series of articles,  or more to the point personal notes about what I have done and observed.

First of all to get good advise on the internet,  you have to vault ad traps and you have to really search.  Most sites involving Android,  Firestick and other devices are laden with opinion.  This does not smell to the people who give the opinion but it is odorus to those seeking advice.  “This sucks,  or that sucks”  just isn’t good information and the sad news,  you search and you Google up more comments than actual websites with readable content.

The one I have often referred to requires a good amount of screening.  “Use a VPN or the government will know what your watching,  your ISP may slow down your connection,  etc”   Not always is that true.  If your watching I Love Lucy or something more racy (Lucy loves everybody?)  The government could not care mostly.  Where you do get comments you may want to shield yourself from is litigious lawyers who are allegedly representing content producers and who want you to pay up for use.

The ISP your on will pass these notes on to you in Canada,  they have to. But I haven’t received anything yet about streaming.  This is odd,  I know of people who have received these for downloading Torrents.  The strange part is the streaming links (where the show comes from)  seems to be identical in many cases.

So yes a VPN.  But  VPN is a VPN.   Some sites mention one of them over and over. I think I smell commissions being paid for sites that dispense advice that tells over and over to use a particular one.  As long as it hides your IP that’s good.

How can you tell.  Do a search on your IP.   Your VPN should give plenty options as to ‘where you are’  choose one,  then check your IP.  Its as simple as typing check your ip  into Google.  Your IP address comes up.  Check it once before the VPN is turned on,  then turn on the VPN  and you should see a different set of numbers.  Then you can type in where is  ip address and you should see your local address is something else.  Show off this new skill at parties.

Most VPNs use and supply a program.  You can run it always at start up or on demand.  I have my personal VPN on demand because I have one for work (from home)  that meets certain requirements.  Your life should not be so complicated I hope.  Just don’t let Uncle Ralphie ‘the fixer’  who fixes everything when he comes over at this thing.   Delegate him to the toaster.

Next  Kodi  or APKs?