Update my update

It wasn’t too long ago that when you updated WordPress you were not asked to upgrade Jetpack to facilitate backups.  Oh no!  You don’t have Jetpack backups enabled?   Bah!   Its not as convenient,  but you can do backups fairly easy using your Hosting or something called FTP.

There are many articles on how to,  so this should serve only as a reminder that you can.  Many programs on line or simply on your computer would like to upgrade daily.  Why?   Who knows really.  Surely some of this is to run you by some advertising.  Other things are handy such as security updates,  or feature updates.

Unless you have fallen so far behind the times that a 4 year old can hack your website,  or your computer,  generally there is a chicken little approach to all of this that begs the question why?

My first question is why upgrade?  Because it’s groovy,  neato,  much in demand or cool?  My second question is again,  why?  Why is it so?

Many upgrades and updates are like impulse buys at the supermarket or the mall.  Placed in front of you so you do it rather than question it.  If you can FTP a site back up why would you have WordPress do it for a fee?  Mostly because your lazy?  Okay admit it if you want.  I am lazy too in certain things,  its okay.  I still remember how to FTP so occasionally I do use it.

Mostly I use the browser on CPanel based websites,  everything is there,  and you just download it like you would anything else.  CPanel also does backups to an extent that keeps you safe enough.  For some this is a little too manual and gosh darn it all they are so busy updating their social media from their iPhone, iPad,  and iBrain.  Who can blame them?

For me its an cost that should not be paid much like beef jelly beans at the checkout.