Day tight compartments

A few years ago,  I read “How to win friends and influence people”.  In all honesty I don’t know if I implemented much of it.  There was a Dale Carnegie group that was quoting from it offering courses and used the knowledge from it to help people reach their goals and achieve more.  The verdict is out on that one because I have not run into anyone who took the courses.

In an effort to catch up with these erstwhile achievement learners around me I read the text which was the Dale Carnegie study material.   One of things that resonated was ‘live in day tight compartments’.  In other words segregate one day from the other.  Hard to do but a good practice as the shame or blame and even the successes does not affect your work today,  in the now.

I actually took that a step further and separate a few things by project.  At least I did for a while,  until I realized that I was the captain of the good ship of moving forward and there would be a continuity of some sort,  no matter how day tight things are.

I developed the practice of what I thought of as disposable emails and it seems I am not the only one.  Everyone seems to have a spam catcher email or two,  maybe more.  If someone writes me at  I may see it,  but have the general idea I put it in a form somewhere and I treat it as such.  It gets a view and often nothing more.  I use a thing in my Chrome Browsers (there are several browsers based on Chrome)  which allows for a quick email and a quick view of emails coming into certain accounts.

In this way I am trying to live in information tight compartments.  I have used things that help me try to conglomerate information of significance but in the end I have determined that I am the filter not software.  I work with my wet ware only to determine where things go.

I have used CRMs and they are great but as they say in computers,  garbage in,  garbage out.  I have experienced the hurry up and get something attitude coming from within organizations.  Lead generation can be referring to a trap on a web site that captures emails,  forces people to give an email address for something that they are mildly interested in.  Its not a gift,  a free sample,  or what have you.  Its really a gimme,  gimme your email so I can send offers and I can sucker you in on one of them.

We used to call this hype.  People are forced to live in information tight compartments.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could actually trust the website that say that it will not use our information for marketing purposes without our expressed permission.  Further no tall tales about what expressed permission is.

In a more perfect world we could actually communicate without fear of silly distractions evolving from an inquiry,  couldn’t we?