My VPN fell

I was about to write a series on Android TV boxes.  I believe the first one will stand on its own as some hints on the Android/Fire Stick world,  where you need to run through many sites that do not get to the point.  The next in the series was about to be APKs or Kodi?

Personally if I was using the Android box which has been failing lately (I only got it at Christmas!)  I would be more interested in completing that series.   Caveat to Android TV users,  get a good box.  Which one?  Good question,  try and research and they are all great and everyone has an opinion.  Refer to the first article where I go into some detail about the lack of details trying to find out how to get certain things to work.   Its worth it in the end to get a good hosted Seedbox and use Plex or Emby.

You can use Plex anywhere and since your hosting it off site –  not on your hardware –  should ol’ Uncle Alex who ‘fixes everything for you at your expense –  get to it.  Just borrow the neighbours computer,  all good.

The question was Kodi or APK,  which?   If I used my Android box for streaming,  probably APK is the answer.  There are a lot of Kodi mods (skins, hacks,  add ons)  very feature rich.  At the end of the day,  nice to have a pretty skin on the screen,  but for me,  its still NCIS.

With the hosted solution its cheaper than Netflix if you shop around,  there is far better support than trying to read the zillions of opinions that offer little constructive advice,  with Android boxes.

It could be I just never found that site that was clear,  and not laden with ads for VPNs.  Yes,  I could be a hater because in a relatively short time I can’t even set my location on my Android box,  even when I wipe it and start over.  Now I have Plex on it as a back up,  because sometimes WebOS built into my TV does not work for a bit.  It comes back,  but as the saying goes,  once burnt twice shy.  For now I am suspicious.

Its not an overly important thing,  until you have a lull in your life and there is nothing going on,  so much so you can hear the electricity hum in the wires on the street.  That happens every decade or so.  I am not preparing for that,  but I am trying to get value out of what I am trying to use,  perhaps stubbornly so.  This is the thing.  I don’t mind being a do it yourself’r,  I find I get to the solution in most cases as faster or faster than waiting on the phone or on line for tech solutions.

In short,  Android beware. It is what it is.