Vexing icons

So many things involve icons in my daily work and beyond. I have this program which spreads my inventory around a couple of clouds. [I have two clouds which is probably one more than I really need.]

I had this one Zoolz that I do not mind spreading bad vibes about. I had a ‘lifetime’ subscription with them which they did not honour. They wanted me to sign up again for a monthly fee after a while, and getting things out of what they called their ‘cold storage’ was very weird, and far too long a process. So as a result, I am careful about clouds as I discovered not all are the same and they change before you know it.

I admit I am a bit crotchety as my eyesight and rapid change affects me more as time goes on. Yes I ‘get’ what AHOD means for instance, but there are so many more initials in place of words. Typing is cheap on a screen, and if your decently proficient typing out All Hands on Deck does not take more time at all. I guess I am never part of the ‘in’ crowd that knows the cool phrases. I also sternly believe the English language has been bastardized enough. Started with Americans writing ads in classifieds I think, way back. EZ terms. Eww.

Regardless of my personal taste, for me its about clarity. Without a reference or knowledge base [any frame of reference] the reader can have no clue as to what your trying to communicate. We are far more entrenched in spoken word with idioms without reference than we think and where it shows is when we write it down. English quite frankly suffers as a result. Probably most people who read a well written article [not saying any of my diatribes or missives in these posts are well written, at all. I do try more than many however.]

What vexes me the most is the netherworld of icons on the bottom of the computer. There you need a cheat sheet for sure and still can get it wrong. Icons are vexing to say the least when they turn red or green indicating some action and you go surfing through the program to find out what is going on. With one program I use for my clouds, it takes quite a while to sort it out as the program sends you to webpages that don’t explain themselves at all. No words. I don’t know quite what the company expects, rude and frustrated emails asking for help? That the vexing icons finally explain themselves? That the epiphany ferry waves her wand? Not sure. Moving on, its turned green whatever that means.

I hope the word remains somewhat familiar with longer form communications in more than broken English.