On the road again

Yes I am stealing a little bit from Willie Nelson. Not one of my favourite songs, but a couple of lines seem appropriate “just can’t wait to get on the road again.”

No, not going on a trip or have ambitious travel plans, just starting up some semblance of a podcast. I know I probably have things to say, but to categorize them so librarians all over the planet can file them in their Dewey decimal system, I don’t know if that fits either.

Ex Broadcasters with an ambition of something to say probably are better described as throwing things off the wall to see if they stick. I hope its almost as good as your Dewey decimal version. We are the people who call ahead and tell the person before us to pick a few record [yeah talking a few years ago] and run in from the beach or the woods tracking odd bits of the earth along with us. [management did us a solid and never siphoned the cleaning costs from the paycheque on my watch]. Somehow [often by magic only] we are able to bring things in on time.

We’ll see if we can make this fun.