Story Post

It’s interesting WordPress has come up with something called a story post.

Basically it’s something like those things you see on Facebook where you throw some media into a shell, and you come up with an intriguing story.

Then people are supposed to be more engaged because you’re putting more content in it. The problem with that that I see is the amount of stuff you put becomes chuff. It it can creates more chuff filled posts to reason your way through as a reader. With Story Post and other clickbait I wonder if you still have something that is intrinsically worth the read. Yes I am focused on reading, because my job was at one point to make a script come alive, and or interesting.

Now pardon me for the run-on sentence just before this one. I did notice it. But like so many people, who allegedly create content, I am now starting to become a creator of havoc. There was a point where I thought that it really wasn’t interesting, worth the time, or similar thoughts because it wasn’t organic. At the time I was thinking organic is the way to go.

But unfortunately things and I do mean things like Q-anon point me in another direction.

Just letting it all hang out there organically, does it do it? In my more senior years I’m starting to think of passing down the Kernel of knowledge.

And then I get real, most of the kids will say under 20 are quite used to listening to things without cadence or discernable order being spat out by some computer that allegedly sounds like a human. I have learned a long time ago to let go of my hard fought beliefs. So rock on Robbie the Robot you’re sounding good !