Passwords vexation

Much like when you are stuck on the side of the road and four people come along, giving their surefire solution to whatever. You can google up [yes a recognized verb] about 400 solutions to the same problem. All of which are non-specific enough for hours of work finding out what is actually the solution.

For me, I had problems with all of my programs. I use a password stuffer [*ahem* password manager they are called properly] so I know that my programs and websites should be getting the right info.

I go to log in here for instance and make a lovely bit of prose like this, and I am told I am wrong. Consternation results like many people who have called me on the helpline asking what th^%& am I doing? [Okay not me specifically, but the software/hardware I am support for]

I found this article.  It’s as comprehensive as it gets.  Walk slowly do not run through it,  your messing with machine settings.  If it still doesn’t work, hit up Mom & Dad for a new machine.