Careful what you wish for.

Okay, not the most original title.  But hey, its a Sunday and I am milling about.  In fact as I have the past couple of days.  My work computer crashed and I am awaiting the arrival of its replacement.  So yes I write on my own website with my own computer.

I investigated the Humble Bundle that my Son brought to my attention.  Not all of it is relevant or useful. I did go up a version level with Sound Forge for audio recording,  so I thought ‘what the heck,  with judicious use its okay’  .I got another Humble Bundle,  [profits to charity]  and there are things in it I will use,  screen capture,  video editor, picture editor but mostly the one thing it adds is format converter.  The rest you can get with Windows which comes with some snazzy stuff for all of the aforementioned.

I am not sure its the best of deals or software,  but the altruism seems to hit the spot.  I am far from the core audience for Humble,  which are gamers looking for games.  But it does have some software and books. There ya go!  if your me.