Like a Rolling Stone

I gather no moss.

In regards to operating systems anyway.  I had my laptop stuck in the twilight zone for a few months.  So much so I bought a mini desktop and attached a monitor to it.  I was sure it was dead.  I got so desperate because Dell seemed to not be honouring my extended warranty.  It was coming up in November.  Renew it?  &^+*^% that.

Mostly you call in and the call drops. Not sure where it ends up but it isn’t Charley in the box you are calling but its a nice script they read you to a point.  Then either the call drops or they go go for Supervisor approval to send someone out to make  an in person visit like the warranty said.  Frankly, I don’t care if the terms changed,  that’s what they said.  If someone was hot dogging it on the phone line when I bought the laptop,  it was their phone line.  Enough said.

So a few days ago after call number 5 or 6 that was dropped I bought a couple of more reliable USB ‘thumb’ drives,  made a Windows 10 install,  and Viola I had my laptop back.  They made the point during these sessions that the machine came up okay hardware wise.  With so much failure,  it was hard to see the forest for the trees.  I even tried to go with Linux as a back door onto the machine,  but it would not install either.

I admit I was in the Bios messing around with the settings due mostly to failure of the USB thumb drives to do anything at all.  The big caveat is of course do not buy Dell extended warranty,  its a time waster and the calls drop.  It just ratchets up the consternation,  with zero result over and over.  Secondly or perhaps tied for first, is get good USB thumb drives.  I got these off brands for about $11 less per drive,  and they did not do the job.  They took the OS and then failed.  This was much like crossing your fingers with DVDs and before that Floppy Disks.

I admit my failure,  for sure.  It just got so desperate I started clutching at straws.  I am now about to make a good USB of Linux,  to back up my laptop.  I do not do anything critical on my laptop as a rule,  its just when I do, on the rare occasion I should have access to my machine don’t you think?

My son mentioned to me the other day I should try discord and that there was a version for Linux. He knows me well enough that I could be on either operating system.

I predict that soon enough it will just be ‘computer  and browser’  there will be no segregated operating systems,  no IT lines to call to lose troubleshooting calls.  Windows 11 has a Linux infrastructure to it apparently,  Mac has always been Linux at its core.  Everything it drifting to the middle and has been for years. The Star Trek computer where Scotty said “computer’  with his Scottish brogue is all but here. We had this implanted in our heads by Siri,  and other things.

In recent circumstances,  I would be asking for a divorce and not tech support, probably.