While I was off waiting for support on a support line….

Long story.  Suffice to say I have more than one computer.  Two of them are personally owned.  None of them behave.

Like when you take your kids to play school,  pre-kindergarten or similar,  you may have to wait in line for the most rudimentary things.  Often its because the keys to the kingdom are held by the Baron in the Castle and you can do jack ‘d’ poop without them.  So you stand out in the waiting area while others plod along.  Same questions and you see several people in the course of one fix.

It used to be that IT would fix things,  but now the clock is ticking even though you may not realize it they want you off the phone in three minutes.

If one of the company’s programs on the company’s computer tries to install and you don’t have the magic keys of the Baron (admin rights)  you are stuck in line until the three minute warning goes off and you get another number to stand in line.

I don’t recommend this but after about 8 hours of fiddling and no one making sense of it frustrations can lead to efforts of last resort.  Not confessing I did,  so lets just say that I considered it.

When this program no one knows about and no one has a solution for decides to try to install to the admin space on the computer that you do not have the keys for.  Close the program is one way to work on it.  The next time decide not to install it if there is an option not to.  It could work you know,  or you could wait in line with the other folks.

This is good if there is only one program getting in the way, but if its like a swarm of three year olds,  deal with the pain of plodding IT people.  Probably the best route.

I am from the days where we got our hands a little dirty in DOS.  I know how some things work, and can guess.

One of the things that is good about the Mac is they have great equipment,  fewer hardware issues,  because its all top of the line components,  Steve Jobs insisted.  The operating system can restore itself as well.  Windows does an OK job of that to.  Unless you have a cobble together of programs you are required to check into the office with.   Zoom works,  and whatever else you have going,  but the one or two little programs may not.

Most of us are in the Windows world,  try as it might,  its not quite there in terms of being bulletproof.  Not entirely.

I was told to install the one program on my phone.  This is not windows,  yet the computer came with it and I was told it was all done on the computer. In windows.  No one at support knew anything at about that.

Ah,  just like the old days.  “Lets try this and see what happens;.  Back then if you put a printer on your system the entire start up could get messed up. If the kids put a program,  particularly with Windows 3.1,  your word processor could be shot.

The best thing for anyone is read the help files when you can.  But that just doesn’t get done,  does it?  Now it seems IT suffers from that and are heavily scripted.