• Another possible paradigm shift…

    Maybe you will notice,  maybe you won’t. After all we all drift between devices and operating systems.  Its almost natural. Seems I am going to have to retitle the section, […]

  • Paradigms Shifting Rapidly

    The earth used to be flat and we would fall off the edge if we went too far. Now of course we know it triangular so hostile Aliens bounce off […]

  • Keeping up with your own changes

    I spend probably more than enough time ‘fixing my machine’.   It doesn’t get any cheaper,  but its supposed to go faster or better.  Its been a hobby since my […]

  • Tackling New Old Responsibilities

    When one does the very familiar in a new context,  it can cause a very weird pause.  “I know this,  but I must not get ahead of myself”,  you say […]

  • Ever forget your password?

    It is surprising that terrorists for instance haven’t caught on to the pain and terror caused by a forgotten password. A couple of days ago, Facebook informed me that I […]

  • Following and Liking

    It says just about everywhere to follow this or to like that.  Which are things you do if you see something on either Twitter or Facebook, even off line.  I […]

  • Twitter in use

    I have always felt that Twitter for its forced brevity was like not good for some thoughts or expressions because it would be like making the Mona Lisa,  paint by […]

  • Logging in

    Just starting over with a bunch of stuff.  I did start out, starting over to deal with a name that was too close to a popular Evangelistic Broadcaster,  who I […]