• If I had to recommend….

    In other posts (can we please go back to calling them articles?)  I alluded to or outright said what I was doing to be entertained.   Its not a huge thing,  […]

  • Day tight compartments

    A few years ago,  I read “How to win friends and influence people”.  In all honesty I don’t know if I implemented much of it.  There was a Dale Carnegie […]

  • Update my update

    It wasn’t too long ago that when you updated WordPress you were not asked to upgrade Jetpack to facilitate backups.  Oh no!  You don’t have Jetpack backups enabled?   Bah!   Its […]

  • The VPN is falling the VPN is falling!

    Lately I have been doing less on the website.  Business keeps me rolling along sure,  but in addition updates have been slow due to TV.   Yes,  another excuse! I have […]

  • Another possible paradigm shift…

    Maybe you will notice,  maybe you won’t. After all we all drift between devices and operating systems.  Its almost natural. Seems I am going to have to retitle the section, […]

  • Paradigms Shifting Rapidly

    The earth used to be flat and we would fall off the edge if we went too far. Now of course we know it triangular so hostile Aliens bounce off […]

  • Logging in

    Just starting over with a bunch of stuff.  I did start out, starting over to deal with a name that was too close to a popular Evangelistic Broadcaster,  who I […]