• Update my update

    It wasn’t too long ago that when you updated WordPress you were not asked to upgrade Jetpack to facilitate backups.  Oh no!  You don’t have Jetpack backups enabled?   Bah!   Its […]

  • Will be working all week

    Off to Halifax for some upgrading.  Hard at work,  really….        

  • More chicken little?

    Anti Trust Does it seem at all that people are crying over their spilled milk?  Four year olds could code a new messaging app,  messaging is nothing new.  However,  the […]

  • Offline Editing

    There is more than one way to do it.  Word and WordPress are two pretty good ways to do it.  If you don’t want a account,  just use Word. […]

  • Arriving at a name

    About three years ago I put up a website as a way to get in touch.  Commonly I would be talking with people and they would express some level of […]