• A recent discovery

    Or maybe I am circling back without knowing it.  All is within the possibilities.  Putting up posts makes you myopic but I prefer it because when I do pages there […]

  • While I was off waiting for support on a support line….

    Long story.  Suffice to say I have more than one computer.  Two of them are personally owned.  None of them behave. Like when you take your kids to play school,  […]

  • Like a Rolling Stone

    I gather no moss. In regards to operating systems anyway.  I had my laptop stuck in the twilight zone for a few months.  So much so I bought a mini […]

  • Careful what you wish for.

    Okay, not the most original title.  But hey, its a Sunday and I am milling about.  In fact as I have the past couple of days.  My work computer crashed […]

  • Passwords vexation

    Much like when you are stuck on the side of the road and four people come along, giving their surefire solution to whatever. You can google up [yes a recognized […]

  • Poddy 2 with the exclusive offer never to be seen before….etc

    Please listen for valuable [perhaps only to me] coupons, prizes and special offers. Play in new window | Download

  • Poddy 1

    This is about a little audio file. Play in new window | Download

  • Story Post

    It’s interesting WordPress has come up with something called a story post. Basically it’s something like those things you see on Facebook where you throw some media into a shell, […]

  • On the road again

    Yes I am stealing a little bit from Willie Nelson. Not one of my favourite songs, but a couple of lines seem appropriate “just can’t wait to get on the […]

  • Cut and Paste from Facebook

    September 4, 2015, Rolling Stones’ guitarist Keith Richards told The New York Daily News that Rap music was for “tone deaf people.” He went on to say “All they need […]