• Vexing icons

    So many things involve icons in my daily work and beyond. I have this program which spreads my inventory around a couple of clouds. [I have two clouds which is […]

  • Sales is not sales, its pester by technology

    If there is anything I agree with more I can’t think of it, when I am in contact with people who just want the flow of emails or phone calls […]

  • Please understand the technical and the financial

    I was acquainted long ago with the cost of repairing versus the cost of replacing. I had to deal with people who bought say a radio controlled monster truck [to […]

  • Projects are Welcome

    If you dug in this far to this rather myopic site and I haven’t lost you in my pretentiousness then perhaps we could do something together. Not by any means […]

  • More tools

    I am actually pressing my words on my phone. Not a big deal to later generations. Me I started using media by turning the rabbit ears on my TV.

  • Tools of the trade

    As alluded to on the main page, this site has gone from a professional portfolio to an amateur fun sit on the sofa and BS site. Opinions are free, and […]

  • WordPress has sure changed

    This may not be the most revolutionary of statements but for me leaving the site alone, then coming back after, don’t know exactly, a while is like bouncing the needle […]

  • Redesign Studio

    The paradigm used to be that you lugged equipment into a room set it up so the sound was pristine and you could hear the cymbals and the big bass […]

  • Site design

    While I have a way to go, I have changed the share buttons to reflect certain things. As mentioned in another post, I no longer twit. Nor do I linkyin, […]

  • The Restart

    I just noticed I had Twitter on here. Just around the time that someone was boasting the world on it, often from the White House john in the middle of […]